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Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wins Nobel Peace Prize

October 7, 2011

Here’s a quick tribute with some of my favorite shots of this years shared Nobel Peace Prize winner from while I was in Liberia.

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also a link to a photobook on Liberia Women (makes a good Christmas gift)



National Geographic

February 9, 2011

Happy to see National Geographic again using several images for its Photo Galleries on Seven Stans as well as the  Ancient city of Damascus.


Iceland crossing photos and video

October 18, 2010

In July, 2010, Alastair Humphreys and myself planned a trip across Iceland. The goal was to cross the entire island on foot and by raft, carrying all supplies needed. This unique transportation combination allowed us to explore parts of the country otherwise impossible to normally reach. Our route sampled the incredible geographical diversity of the country with lush farmland, barren highlands, nourishing hot springs, swamps, wetlands, waterfalls, lava fields, and active volcanos. By no means was this an easy trip, as it rained every day for the first two weeks, temperatures dropped near freezing, packs weighed over 40 kilos, winds threatened to rip apart our tent, the food rations never seemed to suffice, the route was unclear, the icy and muddy ground unsure and rivers at times very angry.  There are some new images on my website and a short video here of some of the highlights. Read the full story on Alastair Humphreys blog. Special thanks for Go Lite for providing backpacks, sleeping bags and rain gear for the trip.

Poetry – one step at a time

October 17, 2010

21 days, 350 kms, 2 hikers, 2 classic poems of adventure and restless wandering

Each day while crossing Iceland, Alastair Humphreys and myself recorded one another as our beards slowly grew, and as we lost a bit weight and a perhaps sanity as well.

Product Review: Solar Charger for camera batteries

October 16, 2010

On this previous trip across Iceland, we needed to figure a way to recharge our camera batteries since we would be at least 3 weeks without electricity.  I brought a solar charger  on amazon from powerfilm (F15-600). Although it was useless on the countless rainy, overcast days, it could recharge a Canon 5d Mrk ii battery in roughly 3 hours when the sun was shinning.  The solar blanket is super light and compact and could be strapped to the back of my pack while hiking. I also had tested the smaller version earlier but it was not successful. If you have the space and the money I would suggest going one level up to allow for charging on slightly overcast days as well.  For the charger to work properly with the solar panel you will need a charger that can connect to a cigaret lighter, there are many on ebay for sale for under 20 USD with extra battery.

Now based in New York

June 28, 2010

A great year of living in Vancouver recently came to an end as we felt it was time to move on again. Just prior to leaving in May 2010, I was happy to complete three courses in publishing design, design for communication and typography at the Emily Carr University for Arts and Design.

I am now based in New York City and my family and I plan on being here for the next few years. I am looking forward to new projects in the future based in and from New York and in finding heaps of new inspiration and people to collaborate with. Phone number in New York:  +1 646 884 2299.

The first major project in the works is a month long expedition across Iceland. I am teaming up with British adventurer  and author Alastair Humphreys to hike and raft from the North coast to the South Coast using packrafts and carrying all our own supplies. The trip starts already in 3 days and I’ld be lying if I wasn’t a bit nervous of what to expect on this new adventure. If all goes well I hope to share videos, photos and stories soon.

Opening Day of Winter Olympics

February 24, 2010

February 12, 2010 marked the first day of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This series of portraits were taken around downtown Vancouver during the 12 hours leading up to the opening ceremonies as the streets filled with fans, as well as demonstrators, all trying to make the day memorable and significant. Also included in this post is a short video featuring these images and more.

Jessie from Langley up early to photograph the torch as it enters Vancouvers via Lions Gate Bridge

Sylvia from Richmond watched her brother carry the the torch along the Stanley Park Seawall

Curtis protests the lack of decent social housing as the Olympic torch passes Main and Hastings in Downtown Vancouver’s eastend.

Bryce from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island enjoying the pre Olympic’s fever.

Dominque from Quebec, a volunteer with a community based art project

Billy, flat land BMX rider, under the Cambie Street Bridge outside BC Place Stadium

Luam from Eritrea joins anti-olympic protest

Charles-Henri, cameraman for Eurosport