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My fascination with visual images drove me to look for the extraordinary that would need to be captured. Yet in my 13 years as a professional photographer I have found that it is more often found in the ordinary; the real life stories of ordinary people can touch an audience in their beauty and honesty, make them ask questions, or impel them to seek out more information.  It is capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary that has led me to travel the world finding the perfect shots for magazines, books, websites and public relations.
Most recently I worked as the official photographer for the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Liberia, West Africa. A country in transition from 20 years of brutal war, but a people filled with bravery, patience and hope for the future.
I have provided photos from some of the remotest regions of the world, from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan to the rainforests of West Africa, for publications including GEO, CNN traveler, Geographical, Lonely Planet, DAMN magazine and many more. I have worked with non-government organizations and development agencies in some of the poorest parts of the world to put a human face to their statistics and bring project proposals to life.
I have worked commercially in London, Stockholm,Vancouver and New York, where I am now based.
phone: 1 646 884 2299
Newspapers and photo agencies: WPN, The Wideangle, Aurora, Getty, Reuters, AFP, Sontags Zeitung, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Liberation, Times of London, Trouw, BBC online, Yukon News, National Post, Huston Chronicle
Magazines: CNN Traveller, DAMN, ZAM, Corriere, Conde Nast, GEO Special, GEO Spain, GEO International, Geo Asia, Newsweek, Royal Geographical Society, Mo Magazine, Modern Painter, Travel and Culture, Look (UK), Forbes Turkey, Silk Road, Outpost, Photo Art Kazakhstan, Allt om Resor, Utrikes Perspectiv, Yukon Conservation Society, Pacific Rim Magazine, Soldat de Feu, Rolling Stones Magazine, National Geographic Online, Jazz FM, Bau Netz, York U, Uberblick, Innovations, Kitch, Etihad Airways,  Boston Review, Natural History,  Arredamento Dekorasyon, Wanderlust , FFW Mag (Brazil)
Books: Marshall Cavendish – Cultures of the world: Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan editions
Lonely Planet – The Asia Book, Vancouver Encounter Guide
Bradt Guide – Kyrgyzstan
Odyssey Guide – Kazakhstan
Great Cities – Thames and Hudson’s
Companies and Organizations
United Nations agencies in Central Asia, Europe, New York and Liberia:
British Council Kazakhstan, SIDA  – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Asian Development Bank, Red Cross Sweden, Global Poverty Project Presentation, ActionAid, Finn Church Aid, Center for Global Development, Soros, Merlin, European Commission, International Rivers Network, International Center for Transitional Justice, US Embassy Kazakhstan, Government of Liberia, LSU (Swedish Youth Council), Fair Trade Sweden, Iceland Crisis Response Unit, Concern, Amnesty International, Insaan
Marks Work Wearhouse, Woolworth, End 2 End Mobility, Lavish Designs, Bacardi and Eristoff Vodka, Avenance Food Services
Exhibitions and television shows
Landscape as Muse, pilot episode: 30 minute documentary featuring hundreds of images from the Athabasca Sand dunes  with personal commentary on the art of photography
Channel 31- Kazak Television – aired March 2004
Photo Art – 30 minute program showcasing a collection of work and interview
Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, September 2003
Exhibition fall 2003 titled “Road Apples”, 75 prints exhibited at Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm’s premier press photographers gallery
Survivors Truth – ongoing exhibition in various US locations with portraits of Liberians with extraordinary stories of resilience and survival
Amnesty International, UK, fall 2009 – awareness campaign and exhibition of images from Turkmenistan for an event titled “What do you know about Turkmenistan”
“And Still I Rise” – Exhibition of 50 portraits of Liberian women sponsored by UNMIL and displayed January 30, 2009 outside Centennial Pavilion in Monrovia, Liberia and March 8 at SKD stadium as part of the International Women’s Colloquium
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